Seaweed may offer promise as novel protein source

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Dutch researchers are weighing up the benefits of seaweed, grass, and microalgae as novel protein sources as well as analyzing the impact of increasing the content of synthetic amino acids in poultry feed as a way of reducing dependence on meal from imported soybeans.

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From pest to feed? US researcher assesses housefly larva for feed potential

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Greening the animal feed sector: carbon footprint database development

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New climate data assessment tools for US grain farmers

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US researchers turn to insect use for shrimp

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Bacterial single cell protein shows benefits in salmon, shrimp diets: study

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Balance sheet will enable clued-up debate around EU protein supply: FEFAC

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Feeding tuna 'holy grail' for Illinois Soybean Association


UK and Austrian farmers register interest in pioneering robotic livestock feed-growing machine

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Report lays out the case for use of moringa and mulberry plants in feed

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