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Canadian beef and dairy feed standards up for review

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Proposed feed standards for beef and dairy cows seek to improve regulatory responsiveness, while maintaining nutritional and environmental safety, says CFIA.   

'Executives at feed companies need to take this risk seriously. Even if they do not believe this future will actually come to pass, they need to admit it is feasible. Moreover, much like sensible business people take out insurance for risks, the feed industry needs to hedge against this possibility.' © istock/anyaivanova

Is lab meat an existential threat to the animal feed industry?

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USDA: Feed not likely disease pathway for US BSE-positive cow

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US drought concerns plague cattle, feed producers on northern plains

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Cattle diets lower in crude protein may boost nitrogen recycling

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BASF finds replacement for ethoxyquin in vitamin product

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Contaminated feed likely cause of 60 BSE cases in EU since ban: EFSA

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Australian firm files patent for high-protein native shrub feed

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Devenish buys ‘strategic’ stake in Turkish premix firm to expand in region

FEFAC, reacting, stressed the need for an improved regulatory framework on authorization of feed additives, feed labelling and claims on nutritional benefits for maintaining a good animal health status, in order to facilitate transfer of nutritional knowledge and innovative solutions to the farm level. © istock

EU action plan to fight antimicrobial resistance

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