European seabass production sustained when insects partially replace fishmeal in diets

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Black soldier fly pre-pupae meal offers a partial alternative to fishmeal use in the diets of farmed European seabass, according to a new study.

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Insect feed market forecast to top $1bn by 2022

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Insect protein production offers ‘viable alternative to landfill’

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Mealworm meal supports shrimp growth, development

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South African insect meal producer plans to build 20 fly farms in US and Canada

'There isn’t really a sense of urgency about the alternative protein topic right now in the feed space. It is not a burning platform. But we want to get the conversation started.' © istock/ipopba

Project aims to find protein feeds ‘fit for the future’

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EU insect meal manufacturers look beyond fish

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Irish insect protein biotech firm secures €1m funding for industrial scale-up

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Vietnamese production base keeps costs low for Belgian insect meal producer

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Locusts destroy feed crops in Bolivia

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