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De Heus increases market share in Serbian feed market, invests to boost production capacity

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De Heus says it is in the process of expanding the capacity of the Serbian plant it acquired two years ago to strengthen its foothold in the Balkans.

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De Heus expands footprint in Spanish feed market

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Vietnam: Debate over influence of international feed players on pricing

'The Egyptian aquaculture sector’s market value is over USD$1.5bn' © istock/Manakin

De Heus moves into Egyptian fish feed business

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Feed safety: Is a collective approach at national level key to risk reduction?

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De Heus opens feed facility in Myanmar

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Deal will bolster our sow feed production expertise: ForFarmers

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De Heus strengthens footprint in Vietnam


De Heus completes premix factory builds

De Heus says Nuter's feed production sites are strategically located to the biggest livestock farming areas [pic: (c)]

De Heus buys Iberian compound feed producer

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