New fish feed plant in Kenya: ‘The stage is set for a blue revolution’

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Skretting, Nutreco’s fish feed division, is lending its expertise to a new tilapia feed plant in Kenya run by animal and human nutrition product developer, Unga Holdings.

'With the first plant we plan to build, 15% of the current demand for EPA and DHA can be met.' © istock

DSM and Evonik to build $200m US plant for salmon feed targeted algae oil

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Nutreco challenge: Cheap edible aquaculture vaccines take top spot

Professor Leo den Hartog, R&D Director for Nutreco’s animal nutrition division, Trouw Nutrition: 'This report is yet another call to action to substantially reduce the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry. We know that if we achieve significant reductions, we actually revert antimicrobial resistance. Reduction strategies pay off.' © istock

AMR report prompts further calls to curb use of antibiotics in farming

'The Egyptian aquaculture sector’s market value is over USD$1.5bn' © istock/Manakin

De Heus moves into Egyptian fish feed business

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Nutreco challenge – which feed innovations have made the grade?

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Acid reflex: a strategy for zinc oxide and antibiotic removal?

'The farmers were extremely forthright, skeptical at the start but very open to new ideas, and, in the end, were very collaborative, which helped in ensuring PLF tools trialed were applicable in the field' © Cowmatix

What does a coughing pig reveal?

The Dutch group will look to capitalize on the stronger foothold in Southwestern US it gains with this deal, particularly in the dairy and beef industry © istock

Acquisition bolsters Nutreco's standing in US, Canada

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What is the state of the feed industry in 2016?

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