Insect protein production offers ‘viable alternative to landfill’

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Organic waste is the opportunity, says Jason Drew, co-founder of the Cape Town headquartered AgriProtein, as he predicts huge growth for the insect protein industry over the next 10 to 15 years.

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Potential feed link in dioxin contamination scandal in Taiwan

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Greening the animal feed sector: carbon footprint database development

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Chinese poultry market on Evonik's radar

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USDA: US feed grains may see challenges from South America

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Potential China, Canada free trade agreement seen as feed industry boost

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Soybean meal use supports growth, development of swimming crab

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FAO wants views on how to best benchmark feed risk assessment

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New plant breeding techniques – opportunity or death knell for organic feed and food?

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Cargill tweaking sow diets to boost piglet livability

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