Tannic acid feed supplement may reduce footpad dermatitis in poultry

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Feed supplemented with tannic acid may offer a foot health boost to poultry by reducing occurrence and severity of footpad dermatitis, say researchers.

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UK pig farmer fined £4K for feeding meat sandwiches to pigs

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USDA: Feed not likely disease pathway for US BSE-positive cow

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BASF finds replacement for ethoxyquin in vitamin product

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Contaminated feed likely cause of 60 BSE cases in EU since ban: EFSA

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US organizations file complaint against Sanderson Farms over use of ‘100% Natural’ in advertising

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ADM recalls cattle feed lot for high monensin levels

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Unauthorized GM Bacillus subtilis production strain identified in a vitamin B2 feed additive

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Compliant NI feed firms can expect fewer inspections


Fire destroyed feed mill rises from ashes

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