US looks to manage feed crops exposed to flood waters

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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is attempting to address concerns regarding use of flooded or storm damaged feed crops. 

Poultry consumption in Nigeria is said to have been constrained by the inconsistent supply of affordable, high quality feeds and healthy day old chicks to farmers. © istock/LorenzoT81

New Olam feed and protein business aimed at boosting food security in Nigeria

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Question over safety of GM bacteria derived feed product

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US: Feed safety concerns continues after flooding


US hurricane could usher in feed challenges for beef producers

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Feed mill dust may offer diagnostic tool in US swine pathogen search


AFIA, NGFA applaud FDA’s slowdown of regulatory inspections for FSMA preventive controls

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FAO carrying out survey on contaminants in feed

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Food and feed genotoxic substances risk assessment - EFSA opinion up for review

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Tannic acid feed supplement may reduce footpad dermatitis in poultry

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