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Compliant NI feed firms can expect fewer inspections

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Feed businesses in Northern Ireland (NI) who participate in and comply with feed assurance schemes – FEMAS, TASCC and UFAS – can look forward to fewer inspections and less sampling, reported UK feed trade group, the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC).

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US sorghum group seeks to expand market, footprint in Mexico

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Hike in animal feed exports from Scotland

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Convergence project could facilitate free and fair trade of feed ingredients

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ADM forms specialty feed ingredient arrangement with Anco

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Improved efficiency, agricultural sustainability: AgTech trends in the US

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Global grain market under pressure, prices may go higher: analyst

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Bacteriophage cocktail reduces bacterial load in disease challenge

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EFSA: trial does not allow safety evaluation of zinc compound

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UK anticipates more ‘forensic approach’ to feed safety audits

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