Chinese firm constructing tilapia farm in Angola

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A Chinese state-owned company is reportedly investing US$1m in tilapia production in Angola.

Poultry consumption in Nigeria is said to have been constrained by the inconsistent supply of affordable, high quality feeds and healthy day old chicks to farmers. © istock/LorenzoT81

New Olam feed and protein business aimed at boosting food security in Nigeria

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Boosting profit from optimizing steam conditioning, pelleting and cooling in feed mills

‘There is huge potential for our technology in Nigeria’ © istock

Feed protein player Unibio evaluates West African deal

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South Africa: Firms told alleged feed deal 'violates' competition law

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Call to action: Project aims to shift edible fats and oils onto sustainable footing

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SPACE 2017 Live!

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Dutch feed group to lend expertise to African, Asian and Latin American farmers

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IFFO picks holes in paper linking fishmeal and antibiotic resistance

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Research shows antibiotic resistant genes in fishmeal

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