Industry demand sees TerraVia and Bunge ramping up DHA algae production

'AlgaPrime DHA is going to be a major source of growth. We have strong margins on that product and based on the initial responses we've got from the aquaculture market and, specifically, BioMar as well as some of our other partners, I expect that to ramp [up] quite rapidly.'

TerraVia and Bunge said the salmon industry’s fast rate of adoption of their jointly developed algae derived DHA feed ingredient is prompting a ramp up of production in Brazil.

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US sees introduction of seaweed-based ingredient aimed at boosting gut health in pigs

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Zivo and NutriQuest in algae feed ingredient R&D venture

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'No need for alarm over declining omega-3 levels in salmon'

Skretting says R&D breakthrough means salmon industry growth won't be limited by finite fish oil supplies © iStock/phototechno

Skretting gets behind algal oil breakthrough from Evonik and DSM

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