Ukraine: tariff free grain boost on the cards, soybean expansion forecast

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The EU can expect higher grain imports from Ukraine if an EU Commission plan to remove tariffs on goods from that market, this time from wheat, corn and barley, sees the light of day.

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BASF plant explosion: third death confirmed

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Irish compounders told to lower pig feed prices

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US: yogurt maker Dannon faces pushback on move to non-GMO feed

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New Zealand: PKE load barred from entry

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US soy growers, poultry producers seek larger role in Cuban market

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Cargill invests $10.5m in Chilean fish research facility

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Audit of USDA rural energy programs found controls lacking, data checks needed

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Feed tech innovation could reduce reliance on fillers

While the upfront cost of NIR equipment is said to be high, payback is said to be “very good”   Image credit ©

Field to fork: NIR technology has ‘real future’ in feed

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BioMar looks to bolster expertise in functional fish feeds

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US: University, grain organization team up to improve grain, feed sector training

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US feed manufacturer Vitech sues overseas distributer for counterfeit product

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Glencore to supply protein meals to UK feed mills

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UPDATED: Blast at BASF's Ludwigshafen facility

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Irish fishmeal plant redeveloped to the tune of €30m

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US corn production drops even as record crop projected

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Feed corn prices rise, don't appear to damper cattle production in Argentina

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High expectation for US soy crop, IGC predicts strong growth in feed wheat use

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Mycotoxins: 'The big drive is to make the diagnostics really, really user friendly'

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Researcher finds way to boost protein yield per soybean plant

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Olam offers $50K for revolutionary food or feed science

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EFSA weighs in on safety of beta agonist for cattle

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France asks ECJ to decide if plants from new breeding techniques are GMOs


US: Diamond V starts $28m expansion project to add feed additive manufacturing space

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UPDATED: Blast at BASF's Ludwigshafen facility

© istock/luchschen

France asks ECJ to decide if plants from new breeding techniques are GMOs

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Substitutes and saturation undermining feed phosphate market



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