Nutreco challenge: Cheap edible aquaculture vaccines take top spot

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Ireland based start-up, MicroSynbiotiX, is the winner of the final of the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge event.

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Antibiotic free chicken production: Tyson Foods shifts up a gear

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EU imposes limits on commodity trading, opponents say new rules 'too permissive'

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US feed companies urged to sign up to gain access to Chinese market

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EFSA funds project evaluating mycotoxin co-occurrence risk analysis tools

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Feed holds the key to a healthy young animal gut

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Feed holds the key to a healthy young animal gut


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Minnesota soybean co-op looks to double production

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ebeam me up: feed ingredients get the Star Trek treatment

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Sweets for cows? Questions raised as candy feed lands on roadway

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Marine Harvest fish feed plant in Scotland gets green light

'We believe it is important to listen and engage in constructive dialogue about this issue, and advocate for what we believe is right.' Cargill's Serena Lin

US: Cargill calls for responsible trade, immigration policy

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Demand for cheaper cattle feeds hurt Finnish group's Q4 2016 sales

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US DDGS producers seek Trump’s help on Chinese market

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Novus assessing link between maternal nutrition and gene expression in the chick

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US: Lawsuit claims 'natural' label is misleading if milk from GM feed used

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Kemin’s Russian feed operations set to go live

Evonik also reviewed nutrient values of soybean meal from Germany, Italy, Ukraine and Russia © istock/Veresovich

European crop report: wheat protein levels on par with 2015

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Vietnam: Debate over influence of international feed players on pricing

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Research shows enzymes improve energy release for broilers

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What is needed to reduce the inflammation of the gut in birds?

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Study shows limitations of prolonged high feed intake in heifers

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Professor Leo den Hartog, R&D Director for Nutreco’s animal nutrition division, Trouw Nutrition: 'This report is yet another call to action to substantially reduce the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry. We know that if we achieve significant reductions, we actually revert antimicrobial resistance. Reduction strategies pay off.' © istock

AMR report prompts further calls to curb use of antibiotics in farming

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EFSA identifies data gap in assessment of xylanase

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Agribusiness says politics trumps science in Commission move

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Engineering deal ushers in insect meal factory builds in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and the US

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Cargill field testing changes in nutrition and farm management to improve gut microflora in birds

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Agribusiness says politics trumps science in Commission move



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