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US: Center awarded $3.8m for animal and human nutrition R&D

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A research partnership established by two South Dakota universities and industry members focuses on animal nutrition, health and regional economic development, says director.  

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Benchmark investing in probiotic technology, next generation larval diets

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ADM forms specialty feed ingredient arrangement with Anco

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Perstorp brings out new organic acid for feed

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'Imagine being able to edit the microbiome' - TechAccel talks animal nutrition targeted innovation

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Novozymes and Boehringer Ingelheim in probiotic partnership

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Some vets not sold on routine supplementation for pets

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Further funding for aquaculture in Scotland as feed innovation projects gather pace

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Evonik’s Asian strategy: We will build on what Norel established

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New capacity in Norway, Turkey and China to drive growth: BioMar

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