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Earthworm meal and vermi-humus may boost broiler performance, gut health

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Feeds with earthworm meal and vermi-humus may improve broiler feed efficiency, growth and gut health, say researchers.

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Three-in-one probiotic offers interactive benefits for poultry

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Barley and corn silage may offer performance boost to young calves

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FAO carrying out survey on contaminants in feed

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Evonik expects lower methionine volumes in Q3

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Meihua Holdings signs amino acids production deal with Ajinomoto

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Tech upgrade lets Cargill offer real-time forage analysis

'We can’t be there all the time, so getting suppliers to agree to the code of conduct, and building relationships and trust with them is key to eliminating risk.' © BioMar

BioMar piloting a new supplier and raw material evaluation model

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USDA evaluates Iranian feed, grain market potential

'Executives at feed companies need to take this risk seriously. Even if they do not believe this future will actually come to pass, they need to admit it is feasible. Moreover, much like sensible business people take out insurance for risks, the feed industry needs to hedge against this possibility.' © istock/anyaivanova

Is lab meat an existential threat to the animal feed industry?

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