What environmental or dietary factors play a role in modifying amino acid requirements in farmed tilapia?

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And why is there is little data on the recommended levels of amino acids in adult tilapia? We ask Evonik to explain…

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Bunge competitiveness program seeks to trim $250m in spending

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India and Bangladesh on Evonik gut health hit list

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US drought concerns plague cattle, feed producers on northern plains

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BASF finds replacement for ethoxyquin in vitamin product

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Sorghum could substitute cassava as starch source for feeding Pangasius in Vietnam

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US: SouthFresh Aquaculture earns first BAP certification for catfish feed production

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USDA: New barley strains with bioavailable phosphorus targeted at feed sector

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US: Wastewater filtering company to produce algae for feed and food as byproduct

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Can feed grade amino acids help remedy EU protein deficiency?

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