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Seafood Watch calls farmed salmon certified by ASC a ‘good alternative’

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Data collection and feed sourcing were among the criteria considered by Seafood Watch in an evaluation of ASC’s farmed salmon standards.

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No borders in the ocean: Feed and seafood trade look to get their ‘sustainability’ act together

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Convergence project could facilitate free and fair trade of feed ingredients

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Study questions level of methionine required in sea bass diets

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US legislators call for improved access to Cuban markets

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BioMar invests $119m in Ecuadorian shrimp feed company

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USDA: Corn, soy hold steady as eyes turn to wheat quality

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Anco capitalizing on antibiotic reduction trend in Brazil

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Mate extract improves carcass quality, oxidative stability in feedlot cattle

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European seabass production sustained when insects partially replace fishmeal in diets

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