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Deciphering rumen microflora and link with dairy productivity

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Lallemand Animal Nutrition says its two new educational resources for dairy cow management are aimed at helping industry better understand the rumen environment and microbial function, along with the potential rumen challenges encountered on-farm.

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Greening the animal feed sector: carbon footprint database development

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How much vitamin A should silver catfish take?

The Cargill team has been assessing phosphorus availability within various ingredients and subsequent utilization by the dairy cow. © Cargill

Dairy cow workshops: Cargill aims to bring theory alive

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FAO wants views on how to best benchmark feed risk assessment

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Cargill tweaking sow diets to boost piglet livability

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EFSA seeks feed additive industry expert help

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Neovia buys premix player in Mexico

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Coppens in alliance with Brazilian tilapia and shrimp feed player

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Neovia on the asset trail in Asia

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