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Coppens in alliance with Brazilian tilapia and shrimp feed player

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Alltech owned aqua feed and nutrition company, Coppens, said it has entered a strategic partnership with long established Brazilian fish feed player, Guabi.

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Neovia on the asset trail in Asia

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ForFarmers 2016 results: Revenue down, volumes up

'Every living species has HDPs. I like to think of them as the animal’s natural antibiotics, they are peptides that are acting just like antibiotics that we have used for therapeutic control of disease for decades.' © istock

What do vitamin D and host defense peptides have to do with poultry gut health?

'Producers need to keep zinc to copper ratios in mind, but they also need to look at their absolute zinc and copper supplementation levels to optimize productivity and return on investment.' © istock/Arie Mastenbroek

Should producers hike zinc levels in high producing dairy cows?

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Organic selenium use boosts farmed fish health with oxidative stress challenge

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Asia Pacific: FAO championing use of locally available feed resources

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US feed companies urged to sign up to gain access to Chinese market

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Novus assessing link between maternal nutrition and gene expression in the chick

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What is needed to reduce the inflammation of the gut in birds?

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