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We are the visionaries who built SCiO, the world’s first truly affordable miniaturized NIR Spectrometer. Our mission is to empower businesses like you to harness the power of spectroscopy, wherever you need it, whenever you need it

What we do
We aim to change the way the spectroscopy industry works by providing an easy to use spectroscopy solution for businesses. Gone are the days that only labs or skilled professionals use spectrometers. Now everyone can carry a molecular scanner – and the possibilities are endless

How we’ve done it
Utilizing the latest optical, algorithmic, and computer technologies, we took the traditional NIR Spectrometer and miniaturized it into SCiO, an extremely portable, accurate, and affordable molecular scanner. SCiO works in tandem with our powerful cloud software which hosts material databases, and highly scalable chemometric model processing, to deliver instant, accurate molecular scanning results

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