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Testing feed grain moisture in developing countries

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Feed and grain moisture monitoring may be getting easier for producers in developing nations with a combined project from Kansas State University and the USDA.

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Understanding mode of action of antibiotic resistance

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Understanding whole farm nutrient balance said to be key to emission reduction

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Asia Pacific: FAO championing use of locally available feed resources

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EFSA funds project evaluating mycotoxin co-occurrence risk analysis tools

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What is needed to reduce the inflammation of the gut in birds?

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AB Vista: NIR tools can reduce losses linked to feed ingredient variability

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Nutreco challenge – which feed innovations have made the grade?

'The farmers were extremely forthright, skeptical at the start but very open to new ideas, and, in the end, were very collaborative, which helped in ensuring PLF tools trialed were applicable in the field' © Cowmatix

What does a coughing pig reveal?

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'Political in-fighting has taken priority over the economic realities' - UK feed group aghast at Brexit plans

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