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Greening the animal feed sector: carbon footprint database development

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A project to benchmark the environmental impact of feed, under the Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) initiative, is gathering steam.

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New climate data assessment tools for US grain farmers

The Cargill team has been assessing phosphorus availability within various ingredients and subsequent utilization by the dairy cow. © Cargill

Dairy cow workshops: Cargill aims to bring theory alive

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FAO wants views on how to best benchmark feed risk assessment

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Testing feed grain moisture in developing countries

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Understanding mode of action of antibiotic resistance

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Understanding whole farm nutrient balance said to be key to emission reduction

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Asia Pacific: FAO championing use of locally available feed resources

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EFSA funds project evaluating mycotoxin co-occurrence risk analysis tools

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What is needed to reduce the inflammation of the gut in birds?

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