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Acid reflex: a strategy for zinc oxide and antibiotic removal?

'The farmers were extremely forthright, skeptical at the start but very open to new ideas, and, in the end, were very collaborative, which helped in ensuring PLF tools trialed were applicable in the field' © Cowmatix

What does a coughing pig reveal?

The Dutch group will look to capitalize on the stronger foothold in Southwestern US it gains with this deal, particularly in the dairy and beef industry © istock

Acquisition bolsters Nutreco's standing in US, Canada

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What is the state of the feed industry in 2016?

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The road ahead: EU protein balance sheet, currency fluctuations, aqua feed M&A

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Pledge seen as ‘breakthrough’ for seafood industry sustainability

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'No need for alarm over declining omega-3 levels in salmon'

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Sow diets on Trouw Nutrition’s radar

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Cargill working on plant-based omega-3 for aquaculture sector

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Call to regulators to allow prophylactic claims for feed additives

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