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The road ahead: EU protein balance sheet, currency fluctuations, aqua feed M&A

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Pledge seen as ‘breakthrough’ for seafood industry sustainability

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'No need for alarm over declining omega-3 levels in salmon'

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Sow diets on Trouw Nutrition’s radar

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Cargill working on plant-based omega-3 for aquaculture sector

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Call to regulators to allow prophylactic claims for feed additives

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Recovery in Chilean salmon sector could see feed investments, lower antibiotic levels

'The quantities of palm oil used by the European feed sector are not really that high though and feed will never be a driver of palm oil production, as it can be for soy' - FEFAC © istock

Dutch feed makers await briefing on sustainable palm oil sourcing

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Cargill, Nutreco confirm competition probe in Chilean fish feed sector

Skretting says R&D breakthrough means salmon industry growth won't be limited by finite fish oil supplies © iStock/phototechno

Skretting gets behind algal oil breakthrough from Evonik and DSM

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