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BASF finds replacement for ethoxyquin in vitamin product

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USDA: New barley strains with bioavailable phosphorus targeted at feed sector

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Can feed grade amino acids help remedy EU protein deficiency?

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US sorghum players look to woo Chinese buyers

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Australian firm files patent for high-protein native shrub feed

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Insects are a promising alternative source of proteins: FEFAC

FEFAC, reacting, stressed the need for an improved regulatory framework on authorization of feed additives, feed labelling and claims on nutritional benefits for maintaining a good animal health status, in order to facilitate transfer of nutritional knowledge and innovative solutions to the farm level. © istock

EU action plan to fight antimicrobial resistance

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Kent capital investments focus on improved technology

'Common to all the new protein sources, though, is this issue of price; they can’t compete currently, but the research focus is on the development of these new sources to meet future feed requirements.' © istock/DanielLacy

Will blue protein plug the gap in organic pig and poultry production?

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Do young pigs need more help digesting soy-based feeds?

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