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Potential China, Canada free trade agreement seen as feed industry boost

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Feed, grains continue to kill in the US

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FAO wants views on how to best benchmark feed risk assessment

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Gaps remain in US oversight of antibiotic use in production animals

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New plant breeding techniques – opportunity or death knell for organic feed and food?

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USDA to allow emergency grazing after western wildfire

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Feed industry needs to cheerlead for trade

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Managing risk when using surplus food in feed: industry weighs up options

Anitox is working with feed and poultry producers in the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, Poland, the Czech Republic as well as the Baltic markets to address the implications of a possible denial of authorization for formaldehyde in feed applications in the EU. Photo Credit: © istock/Kenishirotie

Future of formaldehyde in feed: ‘EU did not weigh up paper assessing worker risk’

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GM case: legal expert rejects ‘precautionary principle’ grounds

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