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Tannic acid feed supplement may reduce footpad dermatitis in poultry

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BASF finds replacement for ethoxyquin in vitamin product

'While there is still plenty of wheat around from the previous campaign, there are signals the market is tightening.' © istock/ollinka

Wheat market may be tightening

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Devenish buys ‘strategic’ stake in Turkish premix firm to expand in region

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Seafood Watch calls farmed salmon certified by ASC a ‘good alternative’

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No borders in the ocean: Feed and seafood trade look to get their ‘sustainability’ act together

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Convergence project could facilitate free and fair trade of feed ingredients

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Global grain market under pressure, prices may go higher: analyst

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Reproduction boost for farmed fish from dietary ARA supplement

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Glencore comes knocking, but Bunge indicates it is not ready to play ball

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