Coppens launches fish-free trout feed

The ministry hopes to achieve an annual production of 100,000 metric tons of soybean by 2022 © istock

Soybean production is a national priority for Burkina Faso

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Amaranth leaf offers potential protein for fishmeal replacement

© istock/NicoElNino

Novozymes to shed nearly 200 jobs

© istock/Gutzemberg

'Political in-fighting has taken priority over the economic realities' - UK feed group aghast at Brexit plans

© istock/archix

AlzChem plans IPO to gain bigger foothold in feed additives

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Investors back French insect feed start-up to the tune of €1.3m

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Can garlic oil reduce calf greenhouse gas emissions?

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Mycotoxins: Threshold no longer the only barometer of risk

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What is the state of the feed industry in 2016?

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