'Every living species has HDPs. I like to think of them as the animal’s natural antibiotics, they are peptides that are acting just like antibiotics that we have used for therapeutic control of disease for decades.' © istock

What do vitamin D and host defense peptides have to do with poultry gut health?

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Novus assessing link between maternal nutrition and gene expression in the chick

'Nanoparticles can enable direct transportation of compounds to targeted organs or systems while avoiding fast degradability often seen with antibiotics and can encourage multiple health benefits.' © istock/NicoElNino

Reviewers weigh up the successes and pitfalls of nano feed in poultry

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Dairy Crest in prebiotic feed trial alliance with DuPont

© South Dakota State University (SDSU)

Will dairy cows eat their hydroponic sprouts?

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ADM continues to build case for yeast and immune defense

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Italian firm exploiting immune boosting yeast extracts for pigs and fish

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Devenish rolls out fatty acid ball for piglets

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BioMar looks to bolster expertise in functional fish feeds

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Novozymes buys microbe screening technology to bolster probiotic work

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