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Investors give South African insect feed firm massive dollar injection

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US: Bitwater Farms looks to develop cricket derived feed industry

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Barentz acquires feed vitamin and amino acid distributor

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DDGS: US Grains Council strives to keep Vietnamese market open

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Georgia-based start-up looks to bring more bugs to aquafeed

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Arctic Char can be a sustainable alternative to salmon: investors

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Enterra gets Canadian regulatory backing for insect larvae in chicken feed

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ForFarmers explores potential for mycotoxin, heavy metal accumulation in insect meal

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EU: Insect protein use in aqua feed likely within 12 months, says industry insider

PROteINSECT said its fish feeding trials demonstrated insect meal can replace up to 50% of feed without affecting animal performance.                                         Image © istock.com/pichet_w

PROteINSECT: 'The process towards adoption of insect protein in feed (in the EU) is already underway'

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