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TechAccel wants to 'de-risk' agricultural, animal nutrition and health technologies

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The Kansas-headquartered company seeks to collaborate with start-ups or support development of a university project to the stage where it would be commercially viable.

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Montana Specialty Mills starts work on $20m facility

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AFIA weighs in on classification debate over animals consuming biotech feed

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Continued growth in non-GM milk, poultry in Germany

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60-second interview: challenges in verifying a non-GMO feed supply chain

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Despite legislative pressure, US GM feed trade 'still strong' with Dominican Republic

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US Senators: We need faster GM approval process by China

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US: yogurt maker Dannon faces pushback on move to non-GMO feed

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More egg brands switching to GM free soy from Danube region

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US dairy Clover Stornetta Farms seeks to lead on non-GMO feed use

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