Xylanase product can boost body weight and feed to gain ratio in carp: EFSA

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The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) finds a poultry and pig feed additive can improve the performance of carps.

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Huon Aquaculture pays Ridley AUS $16.6m in ‘commercial dispute’ settlement

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AFIA weighs in on classification debate over animals consuming biotech feed

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IFFO RS looks to make new fishmeal and fish oil sourcing standard fit for purpose

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More countries back EU soy declaration

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Contaminated feed likely cause of 60 BSE cases in EU since ban: EFSA

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MEPs oppose GM herbicide resistant soybean imports

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Efficacy of alternatives to antibiotics can vary considerably by species and purpose of use: Pew Trusts

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Insects are a promising alternative source of proteins: FEFAC

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EU feed industry and regulatory insiders weigh in how sector can reduce antibiotic use

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