Special Edition: Alternative Proteins

Yeast, algae and insects galore: protein innovations for 2017

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This month, as we look at projects aimed at developing novel sources of proteins for animal feed, we also dip into the archive to give you a flavour of some of our previous coverage on this topic. 

We have pieces on methane gas derived SCP, insect protein developments stateside, Norwegian R&D looking to generate protein from yeast, and more..

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Microalgae strain offers promise for aquaculture production

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Australian algae producer enters animal feed market

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Insect feed market forecast to top $1bn by 2022

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Stable fishmeal prices forecast, alternative protein players could face choppy waters

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Weaning time, plasma use, supplements and on: a look at trends in early animal nutrition

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European seabass production sustained when insects partially replace fishmeal in diets

'Common to all the new protein sources, though, is this issue of price; they can’t compete currently, but the research focus is on the development of these new sources to meet future feed requirements.' © istock/DanielLacy

Will blue protein plug the gap in organic pig and poultry production?

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US: South Dakota-based novel protein company opens production plant

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Insects are a promising alternative source of proteins: FEFAC

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US: Wastewater filtering company to produce algae for feed and food as byproduct

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New bioreactor to speed production of microalgae for feed, fuel uses

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Balance sheet will enable clued-up debate around EU protein supply: FEFAC

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Seaweed may offer promise as novel protein source

EU maintains animal to plant proteins should pose no problem

Return to the black for Omega Protein

Meat protein: Can supply match growing demand?

Meat protein: Can supply match growing demand?

Rapeseed proteins seen as potential functional ingredient

Low cost, high purity fish protein isolate hits global market

Comments (1)

Rozalin Kostov - 01 May 2017 | 07:29

Yeast, algae and insects galore: protein innovations....

Along with developing novel protein sources for animal feed, it will be wise to look at the traditional use as pigs' food of Amaranthus retroflexus - a plant rich of proteins and also of choline,betaine,rutin and Vitamin C and liked by pigs.

01-May-2017 at 19:29 GMT

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