Spray-dried porcine plasma may offer boost to piglets in mycotoxin challenge

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Supplementing mycotoxin-contaminated feed with spray-dried porcine plasma supports immune functioning and piglet performance, say researchers.

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Doc in Back to the Future: ‘Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.’ Can electricity bring single cell feed protein to new heights?

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US: Center awarded $3.8m for animal and human nutrition R&D

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Cattle diets lower in crude protein may boost nitrogen recycling

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Sorghum could substitute cassava as starch source for feeding Pangasius in Vietnam

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USDA: New barley strains with bioavailable phosphorus targeted at feed sector

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Supplementing dairy feed with chitosan supports milk production, feed efficiency

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US: Wastewater filtering company to produce algae for feed and food as byproduct

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Supplemental microalgae in shrimp feed may offer improved survival in disease challenges

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Larger pellet size may reduce pest infestation for DDGS-inclusive feeds

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