US: Daniel Baum aims to move into more specialty feed markets

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Pennsylvania-based Daniel Baum Company is buying several product lines from Kauffman’s Animal Health with an eye toward expanding company reach, says executive. 

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FDA looks to get more 'nuanced view' of fluctuation in livestock targeted antibiotic sales

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Prize on offer to company selling fish-free “fish oil”

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Yeast strains may offer potential as feed additives in face of mycotoxin, pathogen presence

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Cargill data platform aims to improve feed formulation and dairy production

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How can an SME scale feed additive producer enter the EU registration game?

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Regionally relevant probiotic may boost growth, weight gain in broilers

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Prebiotic products failed to deliver in broiler study

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Study shows higher protein levels in sow diets benefits litter

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TechAccel wants to 'de-risk' agricultural, animal nutrition and health technologies

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