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New fish feed plant in Kenya: ‘The stage is set for a blue revolution’

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Skretting, Nutreco’s fish feed division, is lending its expertise to a new tilapia feed plant in Kenya run by animal and human nutrition product developer, Unga Holdings.

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ADM expanding feed footprint in China

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Asia Pacific: FAO championing use of locally available feed resources

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Kemin’s Russian feed operations set to go live

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Minnesota soybean co-op looks to double production

'The Egyptian aquaculture sector’s market value is over USD$1.5bn' © istock/Manakin

De Heus moves into Egyptian fish feed business

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ebeam me up: feed ingredients get the Star Trek treatment

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US: Syfrett Feed hit with court order over medicated feed 'violations'

The ministry hopes to achieve an annual production of 100,000 metric tons of soybean by 2022 © istock

Soybean production is a national priority for Burkina Faso

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'Political in-fighting has taken priority over the economic realities' - UK feed group aghast at Brexit plans

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