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Mathematical models may support cheaper swine feed with no drop in production

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Using mathematical models rather than nutrient tables may offer producers a way to support pig growth and development with less financial and environmental costs, say researchers.

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Using pre-gelatinized starch in aqua diets may boost tilapia growth, performance

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New bioreactor to speed production of microalgae for feed, fuel uses

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US tilapia producer opens $5m aqua feed mill with focus on feed quality

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Corbion seeks microalgae platform in TerraVia bid

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FAO carrying out survey on contaminants in feed

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Tech upgrade lets Cargill offer real-time forage analysis

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US: SouthFresh Aquaculture earns first BAP certification for catfish feed production

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US: Wastewater filtering company to produce algae for feed and food as byproduct

'The reason that we can make it low cost is that we use nitrates and phosphates from whisky co-products to offset the nutrient costs associated with microalgal production.' © istock/MartinM303

Whisky thrash to fish feed treasure

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