UK poultry sector cuts antibiotic use by 50% in one year

Various alternatives have been used to replace antibiotics in a prophylactic role, including probiotics, butyrate and organic acids: 'Our members keep trialin different methods, but we don’t have any scientific evidence as to whether one alternative or more in combination has led to reductions in the use of antibiotics,” said Kaul. “Trials have been taking place, but we don’t have any results yet.' © istock

UK poultry farmers not only halved antibiotic usage during the year to 2016 and eliminated the prophylactic use of antibiotics altogether, they did this as part of a 71% reduction in use since 2012, over a five-year period when poultry meat production increased by 11%, says the BPC.

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Three-in-one probiotic offers interactive benefits for poultry

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FAO carrying out survey on contaminants in feed

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Evonik expects lower methionine volumes in Q3

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India and Bangladesh on Evonik gut health hit list

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US: Center awarded $3.8m for animal and human nutrition R&D

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Efficacy of alternatives to antibiotics can vary considerably by species and purpose of use: Pew Trusts

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Benchmark investing in probiotic technology, next generation larval diets

FEFAC, reacting, stressed the need for an improved regulatory framework on authorization of feed additives, feed labelling and claims on nutritional benefits for maintaining a good animal health status, in order to facilitate transfer of nutritional knowledge and innovative solutions to the farm level. © istock

EU action plan to fight antimicrobial resistance

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Compliant NI feed firms can expect fewer inspections

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