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From the critical postpartum period and beyond.

OptiPartum-C is a scientific breakthrough that when added to the postpartum ration, boosts intake and helps to unlock the true performance of the cows’ diet.

Research shows that when using OptiPartum-C, there is:

1. A potential cost saving through reduced use of protected fat with milk yield or constituents maintained or improved
2. Improved body weight during the postpartum period
3. Improved fertility associated with reduced body condition loss during the postpartum period.
4. Increased milk yield or constituents when added to a fat-free ration

The postpartum lifestage presents farmers with critical energy challenges and opportunities for short term and lifetime performance. Farmers want to deliver a healthy calf, optimise milk yield and quality and set strong fertility foundations for the next generation.

AB Neo is interested in providing a strong postpartum period for cows as research shows this helps milk yield and crucially, sets strong fertility foundations for the next generation. No matter how good our rationing is there are always limiting factors and OptiPartum-C works with the cow to help her release the true performance of the ration.


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