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Veggie power? Cargill develops fermented feed to battle disease in aquaculture

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Cargill has developed a fermented vegetable feed said to be rich in organic acid for shrimp that it claims can reduce the spread of early mortality syndrome (EMS).

Various alternatives have been used to replace antibiotics in a prophylactic role, including probiotics, butyrate and organic acids: 'Our members keep trialin different methods, but we don’t have any scientific evidence as to whether one alternative or more in combination has led to reductions in the use of antibiotics,” said Kaul. “Trials have been taking place, but we don’t have any results yet.' © istock

UK poultry sector cuts antibiotic use by 50% in one year

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Ridley CEO: ‘We’ll be looking to commercialize Novacq in the next 18 months’

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Akeso patent looks to offer antibiotic-free alternative for campylobacter reduction

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FAO carrying out survey on contaminants in feed

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USDA spends $15.7m to boost efficiency, profitability and environmental sustainability of livestock production

'We can’t be there all the time, so getting suppliers to agree to the code of conduct, and building relationships and trust with them is key to eliminating risk.' © BioMar

BioMar piloting a new supplier and raw material evaluation model

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Colombian feed additive player opens US headquarters

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Tannic acid feed supplement may reduce footpad dermatitis in poultry

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BASF finds replacement for ethoxyquin in vitamin product

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