New bioreactor to speed production of microalgae for feed, fuel uses

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A team of researchers have developed a faster way to generate microalgae on a biofilm with potential applications for feed.

Various alternatives have been used to replace antibiotics in a prophylactic role, including probiotics, butyrate and organic acids: 'Our members keep trialin different methods, but we don’t have any scientific evidence as to whether one alternative or more in combination has led to reductions in the use of antibiotics,” said Kaul. “Trials have been taking place, but we don’t have any results yet.' © istock

UK poultry sector cuts antibiotic use by 50% in one year

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FAO carrying out survey on contaminants in feed

'We can’t be there all the time, so getting suppliers to agree to the code of conduct, and building relationships and trust with them is key to eliminating risk.' © BioMar

BioMar piloting a new supplier and raw material evaluation model

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US firm launches energy ingredient for antibiotic free production

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IFFO RS looks to make new fishmeal and fish oil sourcing standard fit for purpose

'The reason that we can make it low cost is that we use nitrates and phosphates from whisky co-products to offset the nutrient costs associated with microalgal production.' © istock/MartinM303

Whisky thrash to fish feed treasure

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It is not about securing the best price per kilo of feed: R&D expert on formulating catfish and tilapia feeds for African market

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Compliant NI feed firms can expect fewer inspections

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Hike in animal feed exports from Scotland

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