AFIA on trade in Trump era: 'Think outside the box'

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The US feed industry looks to protect its interests as uncertainty lingers over the future of trade agreements.

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AFIA optimistic about regulatory gains under Trump

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‘Phytogenics are moving from niche to mainstream’

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Sow diets on Trouw Nutrition’s radar

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How is Coppens reducing the fish in, fish out ratio?

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ForFarmers: 'High level of correlation between market share and profitability'

FEFAC and FEFANA call for more EU level funding for pre-competitive research to close the knowledge gaps on animal nutrition and AMR control

From the defensive to the offensive – EU feed sector is retelling its story

While the upfront cost of NIR equipment is said to be high, payback is said to be “very good”   Image credit ©

Field to fork: NIR technology has ‘real future’ in feed

Can preventative health stop AMR in its tracks?

Can preventative health stop AMR in its tracks?


How can dairy farmers meet the protein challenge?

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