EU regulatory clearance for $130 billion merger of Dow and DuPont

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The EU said it decided to approve a merger between US chemical companies, Dow and DuPont, because they made “significant commitments” to meet its competition concerns.

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Conflict of interest questions: EFSA wants feedback on policy

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Neovia buys premix player in Mexico

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Phone app tracks nutrient levels in feed for home mixers

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Expanding eConnectivity in agriculture

The company's brand for human nutrition products will be called Nutriterra. ©iStock

Omega-3 canola oil supplier filing for regulatory approval in Australia, US and Canada

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FAO managing methane output in Ethiopian dairy sector

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EU farmers want short-term ban imposed on Brazilian meat imports

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New fish feed plant in Kenya: ‘The stage is set for a blue revolution’

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Testing feed grain moisture in developing countries

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