Lerøy flags up use of microalgae sourced DHA in its salmon diets

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Salmon producer, Lerøy, says it has reduced its use of marine sourced omega-3 fatty acids by switching to a feed incorporating a DHA laden microalgae product. 

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Potential feed link in dioxin contamination scandal in Taiwan

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Perdue confirmed as US agricultural secretary

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Tannins in feed may offer production boost for dairy cattle

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Feed not covered under US and Australian food system recognition deal

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How low can you go? Amino acid balance key to low protein poultry diets

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Yeast, algae and insects galore: protein innovations for 2017

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US, Mexico trade rhetoric may influence feed grain market

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French company's bio-based carotenoids pass test with flying colors

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Seaweed may offer promise as novel protein source

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